Support to help you get started on UPTRAVI

When you're prescribed UPTRAVI® (selexipag), it is important to know that there are support and programs available to you. Here is what you can expect before and during your PAH treatment with UPTRAVI:

UPTRAVI support steps

Your healthcare provider prescribes UPTRAVI

  • Your healthcare team will review important information about UPTRAVI with you. They can help you enroll in Actelion Pathways®
  • Your prescription will be sent to a specialty pharmacy
  • Your healthcare provider will work with you to select the specialty pharmacy support programs that are right for you when starting UPTRAVI, such as an in-home nurse visit
UPTRAVI support steps

Work with an Actelion Case Manager

If you enroll in Actelion Pathways, a Case Manager will call you to:

  • Answer your questions about filling your prescription
  • Coordinate with your healthcare provider, insurance company, and specialty pharmacy to find out if you have coverage
  • Inform you of possible financial assistance programs based on your eligibility
UPTRAVI support steps

Your specialty pharmacy will call you before you start UPTRAVI

  • You may receive additional support programs, such as an in-home nurse visit before starting UPTRAVI
  • Before your UPTRAVI ships each month, your specialty pharmacy will call to alert you
UPTRAVI support programs