UPTRAVI was studied in the largest trial of any FDA-approved PAH treatment1

  • Compared 574 patients taking UPTRAVI® (selexipag) with 582 patients taking placebo (a sugar pill):
    • 80% of enrolled patients were treated with an ERA, PDE-5i, or both for PAH
    • 20% of enrolled patients were not on any PAH treatment
    • Ranging from FC I to FC IV (nearly all patients were FC II or FC III)
    • Whose PAH was from an unknown cause (idiopathic), passed on from parent to child (heritable), associated with connective tissue disease (such as scleroderma), or due to a heart defect present at birth that was repaired
Average Duration of UPTRAVI PAH Treatment
UPTRAVI Scleroderma-related PAH Trial

In a clinical study of UPTRAVI, PAH disease progression was defined as a serious event, such as hospitalization for PAH; the need to start injectable PAH medications or chronic oxygen therapy; lung transplantation; a decline in 6-minute walk distance (6MWD) combined with worsening of functional class (FC) or need for additional PAH therapy; or death.