What to expect with UPTRAVI1

Each person reacts to medication in a different way. Some people may have mild side effects while others may have more severe side effects.

It can take time for your body to adjust to UPTRAVI® (selexipag). You may experience side effects as part of the process of finding the dose that is right for you. This is expected and more likely to occur when starting UPTRAVI or when your healthcare provider changes your dose.

Your side effects may decrease or go away, but you should always talk with your healthcare provider about any side effects you have while taking UPTRAVI. Do not change your dose unless your healthcare provider tells you to.

Try to take UPTRAVI with food. This may help you tolerate the dose better if you are having side effects with UPTRAVI1

Ask for support. Let family or friends know that you are starting UPTRAVI. They may be able to offer help if you need it