Delaying PAH progression

starts with you

Delaying PAH
starts with you

PAH stops at nothing
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Considering every pathway is key
Arteries in the lungs may be affected when there is either too much or too little of the three naturally occurring substances in your body, but there are medications available that can target each of these three key pathways.1
Nitric Oxide Pathway
Phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors (PDE-5 inhibitors) work here.1
Endothelin Pathway
Endothelin receptor antagonists (ERAs) work here.1
Prostacyclin Pathway
Prostacyclin, prostacyclin analogs, and prostacyclin receptor agonists work here.1
Prostacyclin activates a process that helps open arteries.1,2 UPTRAVI® (selexipag) works in a similar way to help open the arteries.3
UPTRAVI® can help when used alone or in combination with other PAH medications (an ERA, a PDE-5i, or both).3
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What is Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension?
PAH is high blood pressure in the arteries of your lungs. It’s a serious condition that can make it difficult for blood to flow through your lungs.1,2
PAH can involve changes in the levels of three substances that occur naturally in your body.
Over time, these changes can cause the arteries in your lungs to become thick and stiff.
As this happens, the arteries of your lungs may tighten or narrow and scar, making it more difficult for blood to flow.
When blood flow is restricted, your heart must work harder to pump blood through the arteries of your lungs.
This can cause the muscles in your heart to thicken, which can make it more difficult for your heart to pump blood.
As time goes on, the strain on your heart can progressively worsen.
Understand your
options for
helping delay
UPTRAVI® can help delay (slow down) the progression of your disease and lower your risk of being hospitalized for PAH.3
Talk to your doctor to see if there may be more you can do to help delay PAH progression.
Take the quiz to test your knowledge of PAH
Take the quiz to test your knowledge of PAH
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Learn more about a comprehensive treatment plan that may include UPTRAVI®
Discover if there are any additional angles you can explore with your doctor to help delay PAH progression.3
What is UPTRAVI®?
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